"Maxi Vintage Charm"系列 靈感來源:米蘭 (Milan)  在這個系列中,我們將帶您回顧過去,回到1950年代和60年代的米蘭。 米蘭市永遠不會停止激發和吸引您。 它是古代與現代的獨特融合。 它具有富有遠見的現代設計,可以激發感官,讓居家設計空間更具品味奢華質感。

Maxi Vintage Charm

Inspiration From: Milan

In this collection, we will take you on a journey into the past, back to the 1950’s and 60’s of Milan. The city of Milan never ceases to inspire and fascinate you. It’s a unique mix of the ancient and the contemporary. It has visionary modern design to stimulate the senses.


Maxi Vintage Charm

靈感來源:米蘭 (Milan)

在這個系列中,我們將帶您回顧過去,回到1950年代和60年代的米蘭。 米蘭市永遠不會停止激發和吸引您。 它是古代與現代的獨特融合。 它具有富有遠見的現代設計,可以激發感官,讓居家設計空間更具品味奢華質感。



"Sahara Desert Wildlife"系列 靈感來源:摩洛哥 (Morocco)  摩洛哥的魅力一定是多樣而華美的圖案,讓人留連忘返。漫步在古城内的巷道,隨處可見用馬賽克藝術鑲嵌的藍色建築和鮮豔奪目的手工藝品,就像走進了《北非諜影》故事的場景之中。

Sahara Desert Wildlife

Inspiration From: Morocco

We’ve been inspired by Moroccan textiles, tile, colors, and animals. Morocco style has very apparent color palette of sandy peaches. It created a sense of place, and blended so seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.


Sahara Desert Wildlife

靈感來源:摩洛哥 (Morocco)




"Era of Statues"系列 靈感來源:希臘 (Greece)  藍天白雲、蔚藍的大海,希臘為人熟悉的度假聖地,位於愛琴海南部的聖托里尼,是出名的希臘度假聖地,島上建築群體呈藍色和白色,與愛琴海的碧藍和雲朵的純白交相輝映,景色迷人而浪漫。 另外,希臘亦保存著令人驚嘆的古代遺跡,雕塑和雕像,浪漫中帶著一份古典色彩。

Era of Statues

Inspiration From: Greece

This set of collection are all based around a deep love of Greece. This wonderful Greek essence is present sunny sky and beautiful sea. The unique caldera of Santorini is among the most breath-taking places on earth. Also, the unique vibes of the Ancient Athens,  amazing ancient ruins , sculptures and statues.


Era of Statues

靈感來源:希臘 (Greece)

藍天白雲、蔚藍的大海,希臘為人熟悉的度假聖地,位於愛琴海南部的聖托里尼,是出名的希臘度假聖地,島上建築群體呈藍色和白色,與愛琴海的碧藍和雲朵的純白交相輝映,景色迷人而浪漫。 另外,希臘亦保存著令人驚嘆的古代遺跡,雕塑和雕像,浪漫中帶著一份古典色彩。



"Pastel Tribal Spiffy" 系列 靈感來源:肯尼亞 (Kenya)  肯尼亞是一個美麗而充滿異國情調的地方,擁有豐富的文化底蘊,並擁有獨特的家庭裝飾設計。 不管非洲風格的裝飾有什麼富民族風格,都有很多方法可以將永恆的部落元素融入家庭,從而突顯個人風格。

Pastel Tribal Spiffy

Inspiration From: Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful and exotic place, with a rich cultural heritage and is characterised by unique home decor design. Whatever the interest for African-inspired decor is, there are plenty of ways to incorporate timeless tribal elements in the home, that fits the individual style.


Pastel Tribal Spiffy

靈感來源:肯尼亞 (Kenya)

肯尼亞是一個美麗而充滿異國情調的地方,擁有豐富的文化底蘊,並擁有獨特的家庭裝飾設計。 不管非洲風格的裝飾有什麼富民族風格,都有很多方法可以將永恆的部落元素融入家庭,從而突顯個人風格。



Limited Edition - Year of The OX

On this New Year, may you change your direction and not dates, change your commitments and not the calendar, change your attitude and not the actions, and bring about a change in your faith, your force, and your focus and not the fruit. May you live up to the promises you have made and may you create for you and your loved ones the happiest New Year ever.






Aphrodite Magnolia Bliss

Inspiration From: Savannah

Collection Story: This collection inspiration from Savannah, one of the most beautiful cities in the US, it's famous for its cobblestone streets. Sweetbay Magnolia blooming in the picturesque mansions yard. This southern beauty is so much more than a time capsule for America’s beginnings.


Aphrodite Magnolia Bliss






Abstract Body Artisan

Inspiration From: Copenhagen

Collection Story: The story of this collection start from Copenhagen lake, its unique charm. Walking along the narrow, cobblestone streets in its old centre, with small cafes and typical Danish restaurants behind colourful facades dating back to the 15th century.


Abstract Body Artisan


這個藏品的故事始於哥本哈根湖,它的獨特魅力。沿著老城中心狹窄的鵝卵石街道漫步,色彩斑斕的外牆可以追溯到 15 世紀,小咖啡館和典型的丹麥餐廳林立。

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