Q: Do I need to create an account before shopping at JDF HOME DECOR website?

A: Yes, registration is needed for shopping at JDF HOME DECOR website. Register or Sign in as online shop member.


Q: What kind of personal data need for registration?

A: Register is simple! Input your name and email address for registration.


Q: How can I edit my data? How do I change my info and shipping address?

A: Login to MY ACCOUNT to change and update your data.


Q: If I forget my password, how to reset it?

A: Login to MY ACCOUNT, and click FORGET PASSWORD, input your registered email address, a verification email will be sent to you or reset your password. Please login with the link provided and follow the steps as provided.


Q: I have signed up for JDF HOME DECOR but I cannot log in with my password. Why?

A: One of the possible problems is that your account is not verified. An email with a verification link has been sent to your registered email address for verification; please click on the verification link to activate your account.

Alternatively, kindly contact us at sales@homejdf.com for technical assistance.


Q: Can I track my order online?

A: Sorry, we don't provide parcel tracking service at this moment. You may contact sales@homejdf.com regarding your online purchase order enquiry.


Q: Can I cancel my purchase order?

A: Please refer to our Return and Refund policy


Q: Can I change to another item after I have placed an online order?

A: Please refer to our Return and Refund policy. If you would like to add more quantity, please log in to our website and make a new order.


Q: If one of my online purchase items is running out of stock, how are you going to handle?

A: Our customer service officer will contact you before the delivery and will arrange a refund for the related out of stock item accordingly.


Q: What if I received wrong/damaged/faulty items?

A: Please see our return policy.


Q: My parcel did not arrive. I want a refund.

A: Unfortunately, we don't do refunds if your parcel is not delivered or missing. The shipping company will be held responsible for handling the shipping. We can provide true details that we have sent the parcel out. However, we can claim you to the Shipping company. The process of refund will take about three months. Only part of the total you paid will be returned to you by Shipping company.


Q: Can I refund made to order item?

A: Unfortunately, we don't do refund for made to order item. As those items will put into production as soon as they are confirmed, these items are not able to be cancelled or changed as they are already in production, and we will ship as soon as they are available.

Discounts and refunds are not available if these items are shipped within the 7-12 business day timeframe. Refunds are only available if the design is discontinued and is no longer available.


Q: I've changed my mind; the products does not suit me. Can I return/exchange?

A: Unfortunately, no. Currently, there is no return policy for 'change of mind' situation. We have made every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the colors of our products that appear on our website. However, as the actual colours you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any colour will be accurate. The position of pattern/design may vary slightly from what you see (for example the position of the flowers may be at different places). If you have any doubt about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Q: I'm not happy with my purchase, can I return and exchange it? ( not applicable on sale item)

A: We apologise if the products received was not satisfactory. Currently, there is no return policy for 'Not happy' situation.

If you received wrong/damaged/faulty items, you might return it for an exchange with other product. No monetary refund and sales items are not eligible for this term. Please see our returns policy.


Q: Can I order through phone?

A: Calls, WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook Messenger and SMS regarding the order is not available at the moment. This is to avoid confusion as we have to record every order so that in case something happens, we can track back your order.


Q: I already made a payment, but there is no history in my account?

A: Please email us as soon as possible at with your transaction number and order number at sales@homejdf.com.


Q: What kind of payment method accepted at JDF HOME DECOR online store?

A: We accept VISA, MASTER, AE, APPLE PAY and GOOGLE PAY for payment.


Q: I don't have online banking. Can I transfer using ATM?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer orders or payment made via ATM bank transfers, currently.


Q: What if I accidentally paid more than once?

A: It is important that customer do not click the pay button twice even when the browser is not responding. It is best to refresh or cancel the transaction and begin again. Please email us as soon as possible at with your transaction number and order number at sales@homejdf.com.


Q: How do I know if my payment has gone through?

A: When you submit your payment details, the payment service will request authorisation from your Card Issuer and carry out any fraud screening checks on JDF HOME DECOR. Depending on the outcome of the authorisation request, you will see either a success or a failed message, which will confirm the result of your transaction.

A successful payment will also be confirmed by email. This email will include the details of your purchase and your Transaction ID, which is a unique reference for your payment, and should be quoted on any correspondence with JDF HOME DECOR. It will be sent by payment company to the email address you have provided when entering your payment details.

If you received more than one email and you have only made one purchase, please contact sales@homejdf.com and inform us that you have placed multiple orders by mistake. We will arrange a refund if necessary.


Q: Why was my payment declined?

A: This could be for many reasons, reasons why your payment was declined, may include:

Some card/personal details entered does not match the information held of the by your Card Issuer.

You do not have enough cleared funds on your card to cover the amount of the purchase.

Your card has been reported as lost/stolen and been cancelled by your Card Issuer.

Your card has or is due to expire and has been replaced by your Card Issuer.

Your card has recently been replaced by your Card Issuer but not yet activated.

Your card cannot be used to pay for goods/services in a Cardholder-Not-Present environment (online/over the internet)

There may be a problem with your Card Issuer's authorisation system.

You haven't activated 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) of your card.

If you are sure that one of the reasons above does not apply to your payment attempt, we recommend that you try again. However, should the problem persist, please contact your Card Issuer.


Q: How can I offer a free delivery service?

A: A free local delivery within Hong Kong is available with a single purchase of HK$500 or above. Please see at Shipping and Delivery Information.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we provide international delivery service. Please see at Shipping and Delivery Information.


Q: Delivery time of home goods ordered?

A: Please see at Shipping and Delivery Information.


Q: I've made a payment, and I chose the wrong delivery method. What should I do?

A: Please email us directly sales@homejdf.com with your Transaction number and Order number. Maybe you will have to top-up for the shipping fee, depends on the Shipping Company charges.


Q: How do I know your latest products/promotion/information?

A: You can subscribe to our newsletter, linked below the My Account section. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.


Q: I have received a few emails from JDF HOME DECOR. What are Orders Received, Orders Processed and Payment Receipt?

A: Order Received: This email informs you that JDF HOME DECOR has received your orders and will process it as soon as possible.

Order Processed: This email confirms JDF HOME DECOR has processed your order.

Order Shipped: This email confirms that JDF HOME DEOCR has delivered/shipped the order to your shipping address.


Q: I can't find a particular product/item I want from JDF HOME DECOR's online store, what can I do?

A: Kindly contact us at sales@homejdf.com for further enquiries. We will try our best to assist you or recommend an alternative.