"Era of Statues" JMAT Non-slip yoga mat debuts in TVB Jade Channel "Big City Shop" - JARDIN DES FONTAINES

"Era of Statues" JMAT Non-slip yoga mat debuts in TVB Jade Channel "Big City Shop"

TVB翡翠台《流行都市》"Era of Statues" 、"Wild Blue Yonder" JMAT 防滑瑜伽墊粉墨登場 

"Era of Statues" and "Wild Blue Yonder" JMAT non-slip yoga mats appeared on Jade channel "Big City Shop"  on TVB. Prone body lifting and foot lifting exercises test endurance and flexibility, and are more related to the waist muscles? What are the problems caused by psoas muscle weakness? The coach explained the structure and function of the psoas muscle and demonstrated training such as the "Roman chair", which helps strengthen the erector spinae muscles and other parts.


About "Big City Shop" 

"Big City Shop" introduces trendy information such as seasonal products, health and wellness, fitness exercises, skin care and makeup, fashion clothing, infant care, parenting knowledge, food in the city, pet breeding, etc., with all-inclusive content! In addition to personal experience, demonstration or testing, the hosts will also invite guests to bring relevant professional knowledge. In the cooking session, a number of culinary experts with good gestures appeared in turn, demonstrating simple and delicious healthy delicacies and home-cooked dishes to help everyone solve their cooking troubles.


"Era of Statues"  Non-Slip, Jmat, Yoga Mat

"Wild Blue Yonder" Non-Slip, Jmat, Yoga Mat

*Features: Novel design, diversified styles, and personalization making you the focus of everyone when you exercise. The ingenious yoga mat is made of high-quality natural rubber with a strong grip, and the surface is made of super sweat-absorbent synthetic suede. It is easy to clean and can be wiped with a clean cloth.

For all Non-slip yoga mats, the thickness can be selected for the same style or pattern. They are Non-slip thick yoga mats with a thickness of 5 mm or travel yoga mats with a thickness of 1.5 mm.

*Non-slip thick yoga mat (thickness 5 mm)

The durable yoga mat is especially thick, which helps to reduce joint pressure and greatly reduces the risk of strain.

*Non-slip travel yoga mat (thickness 1.5 mm)

The yoga mat can fold up easily, making it the ideal travel yoga mat. When you are exercising in a public yoga room, you can put our non-slip travel yoga mat on the original yoga mat to maintain personal hygiene, which is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from infection.


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